About Behavioural Iridology

irides taken with iris camera

The synergy between the Physical and Behavioural models of Iridology is significant, recognising the inseparable connection between mind and body. Our thoughts propel actions, shaping the experiences we attract and influencing emotions. Just as biochemical processes maintain our bodies, our mental state, beliefs, and emotions are pivotal for our health.

Our well-being is deeply impacted by our thoughts. How we manage emotions, whether through repression, denial, acceptance, or expression, continually moulds our bodies. It's crucial to acknowledge that every disease has an emotional and mental component, contributing to the chemistry sustaining our existence.

While Physical Iridology boasts a 140-year history, the Behavioural model, with about forty years of practice, has a more recent origin. Previously distinct, these two models have now converged. Independently, both Physical and Behavioural models offer merits, yet their combined application significantly amplifies their effectiveness, facilitating profound and enduring changes in individuals' health and relationships.

Samples of digital iris photographs

camera sample 1 behavioural iridology
camera sample 2 behavioural iridology
camera sample 3 behavioural iridology
camera sample 4 behavioural iridology
camera sample 5 behavioural iridology
camera sample 6 behavioural iridology
Pentax K5 iris camera