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A unique opportunity to learn the Behavioural Iridology model

INTRODUCTORY COURSE: provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of Behavioural Iridology. It starts by exploring iris topography, the two primary constitutions ie: Thinking/Analytical and Emotional/Feeling, and the two Effects ie: Driver and Empathic. Additionally, the course covers the Four Social Types, along with a dedicated section on the significance of the Expression ring. In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of these essential concepts, allowing you to apply them effectively in your practice.

INTERMEDIARY COURSE: delves more deeply into the various types of Psora and Lacunae and their distribution within the iris, providing a comprehensive understanding of their characteristics and implications. Additionally, there is a thorough examination of iris colour and acquired iris pigments, with emphasis on brown eyed individuals. Further points of study include: building and dissolving traits found in the left and right iris and their dynamic influence on personality. Lastly, the six types of Iris ring are discussed, all of which hold crucial information for analysis. In this course, you will deepen your interpretive skills, enabling you to enhance your proficiency in Behavioural Iridology.

ADVANCED COURSE: Continues to explore some advanced interpretations of iris pigments, as well as Heterochromia, and uneven pupil sizes. In this third course we also take an in-depth look at iris hemispheres, iris quadrants, spatial relationships and Iridology maps, focusing on the use of iris positions and the Behavioural Iridology Iris Map. Lastly, we explore Iris Timelines, the 12 Iris Sectors and pupillary distortions. In this course, you will acquire an extensive understanding of the Behavioural Iris Map, its positions, and their implications. This knowledge will enable you to conduct advanced analyses and provide deeper insights into an individual's health, constitution, and overall well-being.

All course notes are provided in PDF format and will be promptly emailed to participants, accompanied by links to the five corresponding video files. Participants will enjoy access to the video files for a duration of six months from the date of purchase. To secure your enrolment, kindly utilise the 'BUY NOW' button on the relevant courses page. Upon confirmation of your payment, you will promptly receive an email notification, and the course materials will be dispatched to your email address. If you have any further questions, please use the CONTACT page.

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Types of iris ring


Being a Naturopath who uses the Physical form of iridology in my practice I am entirely convinced about the iris being a vehicle which we can use to ascertain much information about a person through. I had read bits and pieces about Behavioural Iridology so was keen to learn more and Andrew’s course seemed a perfect place to begin. He set the course out fabulously, each week expounding on the previous week's information, and divided the course into five easy one hour sessions which were supported with charts, diagrams, and iris pictures to help clarify which aspect he was teaching that week. All the information was then provided to us to either print out or have as PDF files and all sessions were recorded so we could go over the session if we either missed the zoom time or wanted to recap. Andrew has a very clear and precise style of delivering the information which makes a complex subject easy to follow, so much so that after the beginners course I signed up for the intermediate one! Very good value for money with all that was provided.  

Sarah B. (Naturopath)

I attended the Introductory and Intermediate online Behavioural Iridology courses with Andrew last year. As an Iridologist trained in the Physical model I had been keen to explore Behavioural Iridology, but hadn’t found any courses that focused purely on this aspect before.Each module is loaded with information which is clearly presented using great info graphics. Starting from the basic concept of the two main personality types, the complexities are gradually and logically introduced, all the way through to the nuances of the key individual iris signs. There are plenty of high-quality iris photos to illustrate, which is so important as of course most of the irises that we see in real life don’t fit neatly into the “textbook” types. This study has enhanced my skills as a Naturopath, helping me to understand my clients better and finding ways to communicate that will best resonate with each individual. I’m looking forward to the Advanced module later this year.  

Jo B. (Herbalist & Iridologist)

Andrew's workshop/courses are amazing! You learn so much information in those five weeks. He is very thorough and kind enough to stay on longer to answer any questions anyone may have. Great course, I can’t wait for the next one!

 Ashley N. (Herbalist & Iridologist)

I love Andrew’s approach to teaching and how available he makes himself to his students for questions. I have done level 1 and 2 of his course and learned so much with his easy to understand explanations of the effects and social types.  

Monica A. (Herbalism, Nutrition & Iridology)

Andrew was exceptional! Not only knowledgeable and organised, but he was encouraging and reassuring. The Behavioural Iridology course exceeded my expectations! Thanks to Andrew's explanations, beautiful slides and fascinating content which kept me focused, I now understand how to approach an iris via the behavioural model and to be honest, sometimes, it’s all what is needed during an iridology consultation. I use this model daily and it gives me satisfaction to know that little more about the person I have in front of me.

Carolyn A. (Student of Behavioural Iridology Course)

The introductory course is packed with information. I'm so glad I started at the beginning because the foundational concepts are essential. And they take time to master. I'll be reviewing the videos and slides several times. Behavioural Iridology is a valuable tool that I'm excited to use in creating more tailored protocols for my clients. I look forward to the intermediate course!

Emily A.

I have just completed all three parts of the Behavioural Iridology course, over the course of nine months. It's been a real treat to go over all the topics related to mapping personality through the iris in a systematic and comprehensive way. It's been a deep dive and I especially appreciated how Andrew would always provide good summaries and numerous examples with eye photos for the more challenging concepts. I already have a background in physical (or "classical") Iridology and look forward to expanding my naturopathic practice to include more tools for emotional and mental wellbeing, thanks to completing this course.

Elena K.